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Life is a series of transitions moving us through seasons, places, and situations. What began as a passion for clinical medicine has grown into a holistic big picture approach to the healing arts. As a Community Health Educator, I wanted to be on the side of prevention and empowering clients to live healthy through diet, exercise, and stress management. Witnessing the profound changes that people experience when they are facing a new diagnosis, injury, or attempting to prevent disease, it made sense that our health was so much more than prescribing food and exercise.

Personal health and life-altering events led me to ask those big life questions and ultimately expand my understanding of wellbeing. Adding to the clinical health education and personal training skills, I’ve spent the last 15 years exploring the spiritual and emotional aspects of our health. This is where the power of ceremony and rites of passage found a place within this circle of healing whole.

Work With Me

Coalesce Journey

Invoke the fullness of your body, mind, heart, and spirit by integrating evidence-based health information with the natural world and your deeply intuitive wisdom. Experience (w)holistic wellness.

Soap Class

Make and take soap class using luscious oils and magical scents. Share the soapy goodness or keep for yourself!

Healing Hoop

Fireside and sweathouse ceremonies to release, replenish and restore in beauty. A small group experience rooted in the sacred that leaves you feeling grounded, cleansed, and connected to your wholeness.

Discover Life Again After Loss

A live webinar 8-week wellness course supporting the journey of creating new life after the death of a spouse. Find hope, create purpose and invite joy.


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